Application for membership

Application for membership

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Chetwynd Search and Rescue are looking to add to their group of dedicated, community minded individuals who are motivated to spend their time helping others.

Members are available for searches, rescues and other emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We attend community events and are continuously training. We also take part in committees, fund raising, equipment maintenance, and the day to day running of a team of volunteers. All of these things take time.

Who are we looking for?

Ideally, you are an accomplished and active outdoor enthusiast who enjoys working with people and you maintain a reasonable fitness level. No prior SAR experience is needed but we do look for enthusiasm, ability to work as a team player and a minimum level of hiking experience. First-aid skills to a Basic First-Aid level (St John’s Ambulance Basic First Aid) or equivalent are desired, but not mandatory; any other backcountry skills will be an asset. You will own the minimum essential equipment for safe hiking and backcountry travel, and know its proper use. You will also know how to navigate.

If you’ve ever been lost and required rescue, we won’t hold that against you!

Time commitment

Chetwynd SAR members dedicate more than 100 hours a year to the team, not including active search and rescue activities and committee work. The 100 hours is almost exclusively training and preparedness.

You will be available, at a minimum, to attend training every 1st Thursday evening (3 hours average). Attendance for members in training (MITs) must be 80% until the Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) course is completed (80 hr. total).

If you will be unable to meet the minimum attendance requirements, please do not apply.

In addition to regular training, there are various SAR courses offered by the Justice Institute of BC, and other providers, some financed by Emergency Management BC, and others paid for by the team’s own fundraising. These are usually 24 hours (three or four consecutive days). You are also expected to maintain your first aid certifications (paid for by the team).

Members are also expected to take part in community education events, team management through committee work, and team fundraising.

The most important thing when considering whether or not to volunteer is to evaluate the time commitment.


If you are accepted to the team as an active field member, you will become a member-in-training (MIT) and subjected to a minimum of one year of training to become a full member. MITs complete the 80 hour Ground Search and Rescue course (GSAR) with the team over the 1st year. The first six months of MIT training involve an even larger time commitment than usual, and MITs are expected to maintain a 80% attendance rate during this time.


We are always lookinf for new members to the Team


We always welcome applications. The first step is to fill in the membership application form on the next page, add details concerning your volunteer experience, training and qualifications. We will contact you when our next recruitment period comes around.

We encourage people who are considering applying for membership to take this free, online introductory SAR course developed in cooperation with the BC Search and Rescue Association, the Justice Institute of BC and the RCMP. While this is not a requirement for membership on the team it will give you some idea about how SAR works in BC.


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